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Ys: Adventures in Altomare Chapter 3: The Great Forest of Altomare

On the way to Violet Village, Kellyn and Brawly grew more and more curious and intrigued in the legend of the Dragons and they had hoped that the Eldress would be able to tell them everything so they knew more about it including the voice they heard at the shrine and the mysterious power that Kellyn received. In order to get to their destination, they needed to go south east of Altomare City and on their way they fought off various monsters and collected various materials which would come in handy for synthesis later on.

Scene change: The Great Forest of Altomare
Eventually they found their way into the forest where Violet Village was and upon entering, they took the time to notice a few things about it. The things they noticed about the forest included the size of it, the number of plants that grew inside it, the fallen trees that served as bridges, the sun shining through the leaves of the tall trees and of course the monsters that roamed inside the forest. This didn’t bother Kellyn and Brawly as they powered their way through the monsters on their way to Violet Village. As they passed underneath one of the fallen tree bridges on the lower path of the forest entrance, they heard a young boy’s voice telling them to stop.

Boy’s voice: “…Hold it right there! You’re not from around here, are you? Why are you in the Great Forest of Altomare?”

Brawly: “Huh…?”

Kellyn: “Who’s there? Show yourself!”

They looked up and they saw a boy walking towards the ledge of the level above them and it looked like he was wielding a double bladed weapon in his hand which they found a bit odd but they didn’t really fancy having it used on them. The boy jumped off the ledge and onto the lower level where they were and put away his double bladed weapon. One thing he began to notice about Kellyn and Brawly was the garments they wore so he commented on that first.

Boy: “Man, talk about weird taste in fashion.”

Kellyn: (You’re one to talk)

Boy: “So, what are you doing here? This isn’t the kind of forest you can just take a stroll in, you know… The forest has been crazy lately, so everyone in the village has been on the lookout for titanos. Titanos!”

Kellyn: “Titanos are child’s play for a warrior like me.”

Brawly: “…We gonna get accosted here, too? Actually, we’re on our way to visit the eldress of Violet Village.”

Kellyn: “We have a letter of introduction from the Lorenzo, The King of Altomare and we’re gonna give it to the eldress of the forest village.”

Boy: “So you’re on your way to meet Grandma with that letter from the king, huh?”

Kellyn: “Correct.”

Boy: “Heh, I have an idea. Hey, can I see that letter.”

Kellyn: “(I have a bad feeling about this) Sure. Here you go.”

Boy: “Oh, wow! This really is from the king! And now it’s mine!”

Brawly: “Whaaa…?”

Kellyn: “Say what!?”

Boy: “Heh, heh. Why don’t I deliver this for you? If you want it back, you’ll have to catch me first! I’d like to see you try!!”

And with that the boy ran off with the letter that Kellyn and Brawly were going to deliver to the eldress of Violet Village. Naturally they were annoyed that their letter had been stolen so they had to get it back no matter what.

Brawly: “Hey-! What’s the big idea?! You little…”

Kellyn: “Get back here you little punk!”

Brawly: “Kellyn, we gotta hurry or we’ll lose him for real!”

Kellyn: “Agreed. When I get my hands on that little punk, I’ll cream him!”

The chase was now on as Kellyn and Brawly began to run after the boy that stole their letter determined to get it back no matter what the cost. As they ran after him, they defeated every monster in their path as they were determined to not let anything slow them down or hold them back. Meanwhile, the boy had managed to find a perfect place for hiding but it was too perfect as he was about to find out.

Boy: “Heh! What a bunch of blockheads! Like they’ll ever be able to catch up with me…”

Soon, there was an uneasy disturbance in the wind and the boy could sense that something was about to happen.

Boy: “…Huh?”

He turned around and saw that his “hiding place” was actually the nest of a boar like Titano which charged at him but missed.

Boy: “*prepares weapon* Cr-crap! This must be its nest…!”

The Titano charged towards the boy again but missed a second time as its size meant that it was slow when charging giving the boy a chance to move out of the way.

Boy: “Whoa!!”

Just then, Kellyn and Brawly showed up and they saw what was happening.

Kellyn: “What’s going on?”

Brawly: “Ah, the kid from before… Oh…crap…”

Kellyn: “We gotta move now!”

They ran towards where the boy and the Titano were and prepared themselves for battle.

Brawly: “Hey, kid. Get back!”

Kellyn: “Leave this Titano to us!”

The boy did as instructed and found a spot to lay low while Kellyn and Brawly fought against the Titano. Just like the two-headed turtle Titano they had fought before, this was not going to be an easy fight and sure enough it was just that as the boar like Titano used a mixture of air charging, ground charging and its horns to attack Kellyn and Brawly. Eventually though, using a mixture of skills and the power they had received from the altar in the shrine they visited, they were able to defeat the Titano and save the boy.

Brawly: “*phew* That was close.”

Kellyn: “That Titano was something else that’s for sure.”

With the coast clear, the boy no longer had to hide away from the danger.

Brawly: “Hey, kid. You hurt anywhere?”

The boy emerged from his hiding place without a single scar or injury on him which was a relief to Kellyn and Brawly.

Boy: “L-like something like this could ever hurt me! I could have taken care of a monster like that by myself…n-no-problem! ...treating me like a kid.”

Kellyn: “Well you are a kid. Now give us our letter before I cream you!”

Boy: “…H-here. Take it!”

The boy returned the King’s Letter to Kellyn and Brawly which meant that they could give it to the elder of Violet Village and learn more about the “Dragons” of Altomare.

Kellyn: “Thanks for giving our letter back to us.”

Boy: “Wh-why are you thanking me? You really are dumb… You’re strong but stupid. Only idiots get tricked so easily”

Kellyn: “Shut up!”

Brawly: “Hey, kid. We just saved your butt.”

Boy: “Did not! But… okay, I guess. What are your names?”

Brawly: “…I’m Brawly.”

Kellyn: “And my name is Kellyn.”

Boy: “Kellyn and Brawly, huh…”

Ruby: “I’m Ruby from Violet Village. I’m actually pretty famous around here.”

(A/N: I got the name from the Pokémon Adventures manga and decided to base him around the character’s personality. I know that in the manga Ruby is slightly older and taller but just picture him a bit smaller and a bit younger in your mind.)

Kellyn: (Talk about big headed)

Ruby: “You said you’re on your way to meet with the eldress, right?”

Kellyn: “Correct.”

Ruby: “Go to the village and ask for an old lady named Towa. She lives in a large house, way in the back of the village.”

Kellyn: “Thanks. We’ll be sure to remember that.”

Ruby: “I need to get going before I’m found out… Bye, rocks for brains! …And you, too, red hair!”

Brawly: “Hey! …Kids these days.”

Kellyn: “We were probably like that ourselves too once.”

Brawly: “Oh well. We got the letter back. Let’s get going, Kellyn!”

Kellyn: “Good idea.”

Kellyn and Brawly resumed their journey to Violet Village having successfully recovered the letter from Ruby. As they continued their journey, they ploughed through the various monsters and collected any items or materials that would prove to be useful to them on their journey.

Scene change: Violet Village
Soon, they arrived at the village which had a lake nearby and several small fishing boats were docked by the shore so Kellyn and Brawly must have guessed that the villagers fished as a means of obtaining food. The houses themselves were simple huts made out of wood and various materials. They made their way to the hut at the back of the village and inside was one of the villagers and an short old lady and by the looks of things, they were discussing something.

Short Old Woman: “Please do. You all need to be careful.”

Villager: “Yes, I’ll be sure to tell everyone.”

As the villager left the hut, the short old lady noticed Kellyn and Brawly at the entrance.

Short Old Woman: “Oh? Who might you be? Don’t just stand there. Come over here.”

Brawly: “R-right.”

Kellyn: “O-ok.”

Kellyn and Brawly did as instructed and soon the short old lady was able to get a closer look at them.

Brawly: “Excuse me, but uh… Are you Eldress Towa?”

Short Old Woman: “Yes, I am. I’m the eldress of Violet, Towa. I do believe this is our first encounter. How do you know me?”

Kellyn: “We met some young punk in the forest named Ruby and he tricked us into giving him an important item of ours so we did rather foolishly and he got away with it. We found him cornered by a Titano so we decided to fight the Titano and save Ruby. He then introduced himself properly, gave us back our item and told us about you.”

Eldress Towa: “I see… Ruby must have left the village again. Ruby is my grandson. That boy and his pranks… I’ll whoop him good when he gets home!”

Kellyn: (About time someone did as he deserves it)

Eldress Towa: “I’m sorry if he caused you any trouble.”

Brawly: “Haha, not at all. I mean, he was a bit of a punk, but it didn’t look like he was bad to the core.”

Kellyn: “I guess not even though he tricked us and made us risk our lives just to save him.”

Eldress Towa: “You’re too kind. And very direct. Ruby’s…been through a lot. Hmm… Anyway, what brings you here?”

Kellyn: “Here’s a letter from the King of Altomare  City. We’ve come here seeking wisdom and knowledge on the ‘Dragons’.”

The eldress read the letter and was quite disturbed to hear that a Titano lived so close to the city of Altomare.

Eldress Towa: “I see… That close to Altomare City, eh…”

Brawly: “The king told us that there’s an alter dedicated to the ‘Dragons’ around here… That voice we heard, and the strange power… We’d like to check the altar to see if it’s related to these ‘Dragons’ somehow.”

Kellyn: “The more we know the better.”

Eldress Towa: “It is true that we have a Dragon altar here. It’s located in the Ancient Tree of Violet, and it is a place most holy for our people. No outsides. However, after reading the letter from His Majesty… I can make an exception for you.”

Brawly: “Thanks, Eldress!”

Kellyn: “It’s much appreciated.”

Eldress Towa: “But there is one problem… Apparently, a Titano has decided that area makes a good home. I hear it’s an insect type, and no-one knows when it’s gonna pop out and strike. You still want to go?”

Kellyn: “Titano or no Titano. We need to go to the altar as I feel it’s important to our journey somehow but I can’t really explain why.”

Eldress Towa: “I see, I see… Well, you seemed to be skilled warriors. Maybe you’ll do fine if you’re careful. Take this.”

The eldress gave Kellyn and  Brawly the key they would need to gain access to the Ancient Tree.

Eldress Towa: “The Ancient Tree is behind the village. Be careful, you hear?”

Kellyn: “We will and thank you again.”

Kellyn and Brawly left the village and began to prepare for their exploration of the Ancient Tree. As they left the hut, they were quickly stopped by Ruby as he was curious to know what they were doing.

Ruby: “…Hey, guys!”

Brawly: “Oh. Hey, Ruby.”

Kellyn: “What’s up?”

Ruby: “It looked like you guys were talking about something serious with Grandma. Something about the Ancient Tree, right? What were you guys talking about?”

Kellyn: (Nosy little eavesdropper this one.)

Brawly: “...You were eavesdropping, then?”

Ruby: “Oh, pfft, who cares about that? Just fill me in! I wanna know!”

Kellyn: “Guess we better spill the beans then. We’re on our way to the Ancient Tree to check out the ‘Dragon’ altar.”

Ruby: “The Violet Altar, huh? Oh, but that area’s…”

Kellyn and Brawly couldn’t help but notice that Ruby looked troubled as if he was remembering something bad that happened in his past to do with the Ancient Tree and its altar.

Brawly: “What?”

Kellyn: “Something wrong?”

Ruby: “…Never mind. It’s nothing. Hey, why don’t I help you get there? I know you guys are strong, but having someone who knows his way around here would help, right?”

Brawly: “Well, yeah, maybe… But are you sure? I thought your Grandma gets mad at you if you just leave the village.”

Kellyn: “Good point Brawly.”

Ruby: “Only if I get caught! The monsters in that area are really strong, though, so I should check my equipment first… So, yeah, what are you doing? Come on, let’s go, let’s go!”

Brawly: (There’s no stopping  him, huh… I wonder which is more powerful: Dragon energy, or Ruby energy…?)

Kellyn: (Your guess is as good as mine but either one is probably a force to be reckoned with.)

Brawly: (Well, he does seem to know his way around… Should we take him, Kellyn?)

Kellyn: (I guess we should.)

Just before the trio left the village, they returned to the hut at the back of the village as Kellyn remembered that they needed to deliver Dawn’s medicine to the eldress.

Eldress Towa: “What’s the matter? Do you not know where to find the Ancient Tree?”

Brawly: “…No, it’s not that. Kellyn, didn’t we have something else for the eldress? Man, what was it…? Oh, yeah! Kellyn, the medicine! From Dawn! Remember?”

Kellyn: “Oh yeah. I remembered that just before we left for the Ancient Tree.”

Eldress Towa: “Dawn? The girl from Altomare City who knows so much about herbs and flowers…?”

Kellyn: “That’s right. We offered to deliver her medicine for her seeing as we were coming to this village anyway and she accepted our offer so here you go. *gives medicine to Towa*”

Eldress Towa: “…Yes, this looks right. This medicine could not have come at a better time. Her medicine is always greatly appreciated by the villagers.”

Kellyn: “That is good to hear.”

Ruby: “Kellyn, you know Dawn? You should have told me earlier!”

Kellyn: (You never gave us the chance you little punk.)

Brawly: “So I take it you both know Dawn, too?”

Ruby: “Heh, Dawn always rides the Longma cart here. And she knows a lot about what plants in the forest are useful. She’s super nice, and she always tends to me when I’m hurt.”

Eldress Towa: “…Which is quite often, mind you. Ruby is a bit or a rabblerouser, always getting himself into trouble. Anyway, Dawn is a very kind girl indeed. She’s a rare breed, these days. Here’s a little something for your troubles.”

As payment for their delivery, Kellyn and Brawly were given something useful which was a drop of Dragon Energy which they felt would come in handy.

Kellyn: “A drop of Dragon Energy? Thank you. This will come in handy.”

Eldress Towa: “Oh, and… Ruby… may I ask what you’re doing in the company of these two adult men?”

Ruby began to panic as he knew that he was busted and in big trouble.

Ruby: “Crap… I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t.”

Eldress Towa: “Ruby, if you’re plotting something again, I warn you, I won’t simply shrug it off this time. Is that understood?”

Ruby: “I-it’s not like that, I swear! C’mon guys… let’s get outta here, fast!”

And just like that, Ruby bolted it out of the hut and waited outside for Kellyn and Brawly.

Kellyn: “That was odd.”

Eldress Towa: “My, my… It seems he’s taken quite a liking to you!”

Kellyn: (That could mean trouble for us.)

Eldress Towa: “If you don’t mind, could you perhaps humor him for a bit?”

Kellyn: “Humor him?”

Eldress Towa: “He is the way he is for a reason… And when I scold him, he always glazes over. It’s clear I’m not even reaching him! Perhaps you can get through.”

Kellyn: “Not likely but we’ll try anyway.”

Kellyn and Brawly left the hut, re-joined with Ruby outside, stocked up on their equipment and items and made their way to the back of the village and the Ancient Tree.

Scene change: The Ancient Tree
When they saw what the Ancient Tree looked like, they couldn’t help but become shocked by the sight of it.

Kellyn: (Wow! Look at the size of that thing!)

Brawly: “Hey, Kellyn. What’re you looking- *looks in the direction Kellyn is looking at* …Whoa!! What the hell is that?!”

Ruby: “Heh, I knew you’d be surprised. That’s the Ancient Tree.”

To the casual eye, it looked like a hollow tree stump but it was huge. No one really knows how tall it is but needless to say, it wasn’t exactly hard to miss.

Brawly: “Th-that?! Man, it’s huge!! Are trees even allowed to get that big…?”

Kellyn: “I wonder how tall that thing actually is.”

Ruby: “The altar you’re looking for is inside that tree. There might be a Titano in there, though, so let’s be careful.”

Kellyn: “Got it.

The trio made their way to the entrance of the Ancient Tree, while fighting off monsters and collecting any useful materials. Upon arrival at the entrance, Kellyn used the key that the eldress gave him to unlock the entrance so they could gain access and explore it. As they explored the interior of the Ancient Tree, there was plant life growing everywhere including monsters that roamed around. There were also gaps that they could not yet cross and thorns that blocked off some passageways so they had no choice but to keep looking around until they found the correct route. As they explored one of the outside sections of the Ancient Tree, they noticed some tree sap glowing and flowing down the Ancient Tree.

Ruby: “Whoa… This is Ancient Tree sap!”

Brawly: “Ancient Tree sap…? What’s so special about that? Is it tasty, or something?”

Kellyn: “I’m curious to know as well.”

Ruby; “No, the Ancient Tree sap has the power of ‘abundance’. It’s usually used during the New Year’s festival and stuff. If you don’t water it down, it makes plants grow instantly.”

Brawly: “Hmmm… sounds like it might be useful to take some!”

Kellyn: “Agreed as it may come in handy.”

Ruby: “Heh, my mom taught me all that. She knew a lot about this tree.”

The trio collected some sap from the Ancient Tree as they felt it would come in handy for their exploration and they were right to do so as they were able to make some plants inside and outside the tree grow instantly giving them access to areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach and explore before which was useful. The only problem they had left to tackle was the thorns that they couldn’t walk through so they hoped that there was an item or a way for them to pass through the thorns. Fortunately, they found a chest deep inside the heart of the tree which contained a pair of Diamond Boots which could help them pass through the thorns no problem.

Kellyn: “What are these?”

Brawly: “Kellyn, those are some boots. They look really durable , too…”

Ruby: “Those are Diamond Boots… Legendary boots only worn by the best hunters in Violet. Why we have legends about boots, I dunno. But we can go anywhere in this forest with these.”

Kellyn: “Really? Anywhere? That’s awesome.”

Brawly: “We can go anywhere without them, too! What makes them so special?”

Ruby: “My dad told me that in places with thorns or dangerous creatures… uhh…”

Ruby began to space out again as if the mention of creatures, monsters or Titanos seemed to bother him somewhat.

Kellyn: “Are you ok?”

Brawly: “…Ruby, what’s wrong?”

Ruby: “…It’s nothing. Why don’t we try using the boots? We might be able to go places with them that we couldn’t before.”

Kellyn: “That’s a good idea.”

The boots were equipped by the trio and sure enough, they were able to access areas they couldn’t before and they were also able to walk through the thorns that otherwise obstructed their path which meant they could access the area where the “Dragon” altar was. Just before they did though, Ruby stopped suddenly and Kellyn and Brawly were worried as they could tell something was bothering him.

Ruby: “Hey, guys. Hold up a sec…”

Kellyn: “What’s up?”

Ruby: “I feel something…”

Brawly: “You ‘feel’ something…? What do you mean?”

Kellyn: “Is it something we need to worry about?”

Ruby: “I don’t know exactly… But I can feel anxiety in the air coming from beyond here… I… I think it’s…uh…”

Kellyn and Brawly became increasingly concerned about Ruby as he had spaced out one too many times and it would seem as if something was bothering him but they would soon find out what it was as soon they came across what was the perfect nesting ground for the Titano that Eldress Towa had warned them about.

Brawly: “Where are we…? How did we end up in a weird place like this…?”

Kellyn: “What is this place? Doesn’t look like the rest of the Ancient Tree to me.”

They looked at the centre of the area and it looked like something was wrapped up a giant cocoon held together by lots of black coloured webbing/thread/string and it was glowing as well which was not good.

Brawly: “Wh-what the…”

Kellyn: “What in the name of all that’s holy is that thing?”

Ruby: “It’s a Titano… Just before its mature stage…”

Kellyn: “What!?”

Brawly: “Huh…?”

Ruby: “It’s so close to the village… This thing… Mom and Dad were…! Haaaaahhhhh!!!”

Ruby ran towards the cocooned Titano with his weapon and cut it open so they could face it head on in battle.

Brawly: “H-hey, Ruby!”

Kellyn: “What are you doing!?”

They ran towards the centre of the area and they got their first glimpse of the Titano which was giant six legged winged insect and it looked strong so they knew that beating it wasn’t going to be easy but that didn’t stop them from trying anyway. They couldn’t attack it head on so they tried attacking it’s legs instead and that seemed to do the trick as once all six legs were disabled, the Titano was vulnerable for a head on attack which didn’t last long so they had to act fast. Naturally of course the Titano would not stay still so they had to constantly move around while avoiding its attacks which consisted of a sticky ball thing that was shot out of its mouth, a breath attack and a charge attack. Occasionally it called upon a couple of monsters to help it out in battle so they diverted their attention to those and defeated them first before focusing on the Titano. Eventually though, using a mixture of skills and careful tactics, the trio were able to defeat the Titano.

Kellyn: “*phew* Thank god that’s over.”

Brawly: “*huff* *huff* Damn, was that a Titano, too…? It’s totally different from the turtle monster from before, not to mention it’s stronger by a mile…”

Kellyn: “Ditto to that. Hey Ruby, are you alright?”

Ruby: “…Yeah… Man, you guys sure are strong! Sorry I just rushed in earlier. I just couldn’t forgive a Titano for nesting so close to the village. A Titano appeared near the village about two years ago, too. It attacked anyone out in the forest… My mom and dad tried to hold it off until everyone else got out safely… “

Brawly: “…I had no idea…”

Kellyn: “So that’s why you kept spacing out.”

Ruby: “The thing is… Titanos shouldn’t be leaving their territories deep underground. It’s not natural! But they’ve been spotted on the surface quite often lately… I can’t just sit back and leave them be…”

Brawly: “Ruby…”

Kellyn: “That’s not good.”

Ruby: “I get it, you know… That fighting other Titanos won’t change anything… But…I gotta admit I was happy there was someone fighting with me… *mutters under his breath* Um… Th-thank…s…”

Kellyn: “About time we got a thank you.”

Brawly: “Haha, so you’re a good kid now?”

Ruby: “I-I’m just saying that I’m fine now! Don’t just stand there. Let’s get moving! Um… The Titano must have nested here… but the altar is farther in. Come on! I’ll take you guys there, so don’t just stand around looking dumb!”

Ruby ran on ahead to the altar leaving Kellyn and Brawly speechless and amazed by his youthful energy and upbeat personality.

Brawly: “Well, looks like he’s back to normal. He’ll probably stop being reckless, though. Hopefully.”

Kellyn: “We can but hope.”

Brawly: “Kellyn, we shouldn’t let his good will go to waste, right?”

Kellyn: “Agreed.”

Scene change: The Ancient Tree Dragon Altar
Kellyn and Brawly went on to meet Ruby at the altar where upon arrival Kellyn felt the same kind of strong presence he felt at the shrine. The altar itself was definitely bigger and different to the one at the shrine.

Brawly: “Wow… I’m guessing this is an altar dedicated to a ‘Dragon’”

Ruby: “Yup, to the Great Earth Dragon.”

Kellyn: “Huh…?”

Brawly: “The Great Earth Dragon…?”

Ruby: “What, you don’t know? Salamence, the Great Earth Dragon! He’s one of the guardians of Altomare. It’s common sense...”

(A/N: I know that Salamence is not technically a ground type Pokémon but he can learn ground type moves through the use of Technical Machine’s/TM’s and I know his size is only 4” 11” so picture him a little bit bigger in your mind. Any suggestions for alterations or alternate Pokémon would be greatly welcomed.)

Brawly: “D-don’t blame us for not knowing what we’ve never heard of!”

Kellyn: “We are new to this place after all.”

Brawly: “*to Kellyn* You know, this altar… It looks different from the one we saw in the shrine. I thought that maybe it would be the same, since the king said that the power you got might be from a ‘Dragon’”

Kellyn: “That’s a very good point. Now that you mention it, I do feel a strong presence here.”

Brawly: “H-hey, Kellyn…?”

Kellyn decided the only way he could find out about the presence was to touch the altar so he did just that and just like the altar at the shrine, it glowed giving off a mysterious light and then just like before, a mysterious voice spoke to them.

Mysterious voice: “Over ancient Altomare… Rich land filled with life… A dark cloud loometh.  With madness cometh anger, lamentation, sorrow, and eternal strife… O, destined warrior. To thee, I shall give my seal. Ere Altomare meeteth doom… Thou mayest visit my brethren.”

The mysterious voice faded and bestowed upon Kellyn the Earth Seal giving him new power and abilities which he could use on his journey.

Brawly: “Th-that voice just now... It was a lot like the one we heard in the shrine…”

Kellyn: “Indeed it was.”

Brawly: “Hey, Ruby. What does this mean? Was that the voice of the Great Dirt Dragon or whatever?”

Ruby: “H-how should I know…? I’ve never heard of anyone actually hearing the voice of the Great EARTH Dragon.”

Brawly: “…Kellyn, how do you feel?”

Kellyn: “I don’t feel anything weird this time so I’m fine. I can actually feel a strong energy flowing from within my body.”

The energy inside Kellyn began to radiate and soon Ruby and Brawly could feel it too.

Ruby: “Oh, yeah. I can feel it, too. It’s like this energy is coming from you to me…”

Brawly: “Maybe it’s bringing out our dormant abilities…?”

Kellyn: “Maybe it is.”

Brawly: “I-I guess this is proof that these ‘Dragon’ energy things do exist. We should probably head back and tell the eldress what happened. Maybe she can tell us a bit more about ‘Dragons’, too.”

Kellyn: “Good idea.”

The trio made their way out of the altar, out of the Ancient Tree and began their journey back to Violet Village. Fortunately the journey back did not take long as the tree was close to the village.

Scene change: Violet Village
When they returned to the village, they went to report to the eldress about what happened at the Ancient Tree and the altar.

Eldress Towa: “Ah, you’re back. You must have made it safely to the altar then.”

Kellyn: “We did but we were attacked by an insect like Titano inside but we were able to defeat it even though it was a tough battle for us. Once we defeated the Titano, we headed to the altar where after I touched it, a mysterious voice spoke to us and bestowed upon me a seal. I could then feel some kind of strong energy inside me which could also be felt by Ruby and Brawly as well.”

Eldress Towa: “Really… At the altar… And you defeated the Titano that nested there… Amazing!”

Ruby: “Man, that Titano was crazy!”

Kellyn: “Indeed it was.”

Ruby: “If you guys weren’t there… Man, I would have been in trouble.”

Kellyn: (You’d have been dead more like.)

Eldress Towa: “Ohh, interesting… So you went with these two, did you? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!”

Ruby knew that there was no getting away from it and that he was busted so he knew what was coming next.

Ruby: “Wh-what…?!”

Eldress Towa: “I told you not to, but you still went ahead looking for danger! You’re getting a thorough whoopin’ later, boyo!”

Ruby: “C-come on, Grandma…!”

Eldress Towa: “…Anyway. Getting back to what we were talking about… Are you sure you heard a voice at the altar?”

Kellyn: “We did.”

Brawly: “What does it mean? Ruby told us that the altar is dedicated to the Dir-…er, Earth Dragon… Is that one of these ‘Dragons’ the king mentioned…?”

Eldress Towa: “…Ah, right. You’ve never heard of the Five Great Dragons of Altomare, have you…”

Kellyn: “No we haven’t but we would like to know so can you tell us about it Eldress?”

Eldress Towa: “Allow me to inform you, then. The country of Altomare is very old. It is believed to have existed since the time of creation. The Five Dragons are the five pillars of the land that have existed since the beginning. The Five Dragons are life itself. They create and protect all life. It is their power that allows so much life in Altomare, including the Titanos.”

Kellyn: “Amazing…”

Brawly: “So they’re like the gods of Altomare… I’m guessing there are more Dragons that just the Earth Dragon, then.”

Eldress Towa: “Of course. As the name says, there are five. Violet worships one of the five. Salamence, the Earth Dragon.”

Kellyn: “I see.”

Eldress Towa: “Your name is Kellyn, correct? That voice you heard was without a doubt that of the Great Earth Dragon. And the power you received… I’m sure it’s significant. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to visit the altars of the other Dragons.”

Kellyn: “That’s a good idea.”

Brawly: “Do you know where they are?”

Eldress Towa: “I don’t know for sure where the other altars are, I’m afraid. However… You should ask General Drayden. He should know of at least one.”

Kellyn: “Him…?”

Brawly: “General Drayden… You mean, one of the Dragon Knights?”

Eldress Towa: “Yes. He was once the elder of a desert village to the southwest of Altomare, called Oreburgh. The Oreburghites also worship one of the Dragons, as we do. I’m sure he must know the location of its altar.”

Brawly: “I see… I don’t know if that brute’ll share much with us, though… What do you think, Kellyn? Wanna head back to Altomare City and ask the general?”

Kellyn: “It’s worth a shot.”

Brawly: “Well, I guess we should take whatever hints we can get…”

Kellyn: “Very true.”

Brawly: “All right. Let’s not waste any time!”

Ruby: “You guys are leaving already…? Can I come, too?”

Eldress Towa: “…Ruby.

Ruby: “I-I’m kidding! I just, uh… You know. I thought it’d be funny!”

Eldress Towa: “Your actions prove that you are still but a child. You’ll just get in their way. You go nowhere. I’m watching, and you are in a HEAP of trouble…”

Ruby: “F-fine… Then at least let me see them off. I can take them to the gate, right?”

Eldress Towa: “…All right. No harm in that. As long as these two don’t let you come with! Sorry my grandson caused you two so much trouble. Send the general my regards.”

Kellyn: “Will do.”

Brawly: “Thanks for everything, Eldress!”

The trio left the hut and headed to the village entrance where Kellyn and Brawly would say goodbye to Ruby before they headed back to Altomare City to speak with General Drayden.

Ruby: “So you guys are adventurers, huh? How awesome. I wish I could travel all over the place.”

Kellyn: “It’s fun but it’s also challenging and not to mention dangerous.”

Ruby: “…All right. I made up my mind. I’m gonna get all buffed up! And then, Grandma will have no choice but to give me respect. When that happens, you guys have to take me along, okay?!”

Kellyn: “Sure.”

Brawly: (There really is no stopping him, is there? And he was such a brat to us before.)

Kellyn: (Indeed.)

Brawly: “Ruby, will you at least promise to behave a little better? It’s more befitting an adventurer!”

Ruby: “Yeah, I know! Bye, guys! Be careful on your way back!”

Kellyn: “Got it.”

Kellyn and Brawly left the village and began their journey back to Altomare City.
Sorr for the long wait but here is Chapter 3. We pick up the story after Kellyn and Brawly have departed from Altomare City to investigate the ancient shrine in the Great Forest of Altomare and learn about the Dragons from the Eldress.

Time to list the characters from YS and the Pokemon characters that play them in this chapter

Adol Christin - Kellyn (Pokemon Ranger)
Dogi - Brawly (Hoenn gym leader)
Eldress Fatima - Towa (character from Pokemon 4Ever)
Elk - Ruby (Pokemon Adventures manga)
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